Management System Policy

The activity of the company Kamgrad Ltd. is addressed to the provision of the entire service related to development, conducting construction projects and their realisation.

High quality standards of providing the construction services have always been an integral part of business policy of the company Kamgrad Ltd.  Our aim is to ensure to our clients the complete service, from the decision of  execution of works to the takeover of facilities and also to ensure  possible additional works, all that at reasonable prices and within optimal deadlines.

The maintenance of strategic relations among our key accounts and suppliers represents our main rule for the realisation of long-term and successful business operations. We always make our best efforts to satisfy the needs of our clients and to find the best business solution for each concrete case with full respect of all legal and contractual obligations.

With the aim of improving and up-dating the business operations, rising the level of the management system, increasing the energy efficiency and ensuring the competitiveness, the company Kamgrad Ltd. continuously invests into implementation of new technologies and business processes and takes care of  education and personal improvement of each employee.

The readiness for the environmental pollution prevention, for occupational injuries and diseases prevention, giving the priority to energy efficient products and services, improving the way of managing the energy and the work on the continuous improvement of the management system according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 50001:2011 are the basic guidelines of our Management system policy.

The Management system policy represents a backbone for setting and assessing the objectives of management system and the special attention is devoted to the inclusion of general and individual  objectives of quality, environmental protection , protection of health and safety at work and energy efficiency into the business planning processes.

All employees and other persons who work under the supervision of the company Kamgrad Ltd. are obliged to implement actively all guidelines established by the Management system policy.
The Management Board of the Company is responsible for supervising the implementation of this Policy and for periodical verification of its suitability.

The responsible person of the Company accepts and verifies  the Management system policy by his/her signature  and this Policy is announced on the notice-board in the area of Company's activity and it is available on the Company's web site to all interested parties.