Job description:

Management of workers at the construction site; management, coordination and control of subcontractors; quality control and formulation of design details; receiving ordered goods and required services; performance appraisal  of the workers at the construction site; supervision and management of construction  equipment ; supervision  and control of safety at work, and maintaining an orderly constrction site.


  • High school -construction course, KV (qualified worker) SSS (high school education) VKV (highly qualified worker) - accredited master status in the field of construction,
  • At least 5 years work experience in the positions listed above at construction sites,
  • Experience and technical knowledge in all stages of construction work,
  • Good communication skills and a teamwork orientation,
  • Ability to work independently
  • Good knowledge of safety measures and their implementation.
  • A 'b' category driving licence
  • Willingness to be thoroughly involved in field work.

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