Corporate social responsibility

Without support and approval of the community within which Kamgrad operates, its current success would not be possible.

Care for our employees, development management processes, project solutions, use of quality materials, building methods that feature modern design of interior and exterior spaces, positive attitude towards customers and environmental management in accordance with international standards are an integral part of Kamgrad's business policy and company culture. Therein lies the key to the trust of our customers, who recognise Kamgrad as company whose name stands for quality, reliability and outstanding implementation of each project.

Donations and sponsorships

Through various programmes, donations and sponsorships we are trying to build awareness of the need to support and enrich the community in which we operate. Funds earmarked for donations are directed primarily to care assistance programmes and patient associations and organisations, as well as sick individuals, especially children suffering from serious illnesses.

Caring for the younger generations

We are fully aware that our future depends largely on new generations of professionals. For that reason, Kamgrad systematically takes care of the young through scholarships and organised teaching practice for students. Young people are also assigned a mentor when they first take employment with Kamgrad, in order for them to acquire new knowledge and skills necessary for their professional development.

Health and environment

Kamgrad pays great attention to the protection of health and safety of its work force. Special care is given to timely and continual education and training of staff in order to bring everyday operational risks to lowest possible level. The above is supported by the Health and Safety Management System according to the ISO 45001:2018 standard.

Aware of the fact that maintaining a clean environment is invaluable for humanity, Kamgrad implemented its environmental management system according to the requirements of the ISO 14001:2015 standard into its processes in 2011. Responsible behaviour with respect to the environment on part of all employees is the foundation for a better future for themselves and the wider community.