Mission and Vision


Kamgrad's vision includes fostering continued business excellence and quality through timely response to ever-demanding challenges posed by the modern market, as well as focus on customers’ needs, with the aim of developing into one of the most competitive construction companies in the region.


Our mission consists of five key elements that are embedded in Kamgrad's foundations, implementation of which is responsible for our continued development.

Innovation and creativity

Innovation is what distinguishes a leader from the rest. We encourage innovation in our work force and collaborators and systematically convert creative ideas into new projects and thus into added value for our clients.

Focus on the user

We are continuously improving our products and services to keep them above our customers' expectations. Our goal is not sales, our goal is creating a positive experience and long-term satisfaction.


Trust accepts no compromises and cannot exist without integrity. While consistently preserving integrity in everything we do, we demand application of highest standards from ourselves and from others in achieving our mission – improving the quality of life, comfort of living and working spaces, high aesthetics of interior and exterior spaces and environmental awareness.


Cooperation, collective development and moving forward are a prerequisite of all success. Our team of experts from all areas works closely while exchanging knowledge, skills and experience in order to provide an even better service.

Sharing knowledge and success

All information and knowledge, all experiences and best of practices, all ideas and achievements, we share everything in order to make the best of decisions, develop efficiently and act quickly for the benefit of our clients and partners.