Construction of a shopping center in Bjelovar.

Printax Alfa d.o.o., Zagreb

Project characteristics:
The Bjelovar Shopping Center, total GBA 4,503.12 m2, net area 4,374.59 m2. The facility comprises eight shops and three common areas. The external area of the facility contains thoroughfare and parking areas (asphalted), covering an area of 5,429.94 m2, pedestrian areas (paved) covering an area of 561.80 m2, and green areas (lawns) covering 1,402.50 m2.

The first shopping center in Bjelovar. Within the building, besides commercial amenities, across a smaller area there is also a hospitality area. Each shop has its own entry from outside of the facility, whereas the rear side provides access for delivery of goods to the shop.

Year of completion:

Financial value:
16.552.027,82 kn

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