Smoked ham (pršut) production facility.

Prosciutto Pannonico d.o.o., Salami Aurea d.o.o., Copadio d.o.o., Žito d.o.o.

Project characteristics:
Four buildings with a production-commercial purposes, and with a quadrilateral shape. The net area of the facilities are 5.485,75 m2, 4.249,29 m2, 4.128,58 m2 and 5.281,57 m2. The load bearing structure consists of load bearing interconnected elements of the foundation structure (foundation footings, beams and floor slabs), inter-storey load bearing structure (RC beams and slabs), vertical load bearing structure (RC columns and beams) and the roof structure. Its façade is constructed from thermal panels with a thickness of 12 cm, whereas the building roofing is made of trapezoidal sheeting with layers of standard level roof, covering with hydro-insulation made from PVC-based synthetic membrane.

Construction of combined monolithic structure for the office section along with pre-fabricated structure for the production section of the facility. The construction deadline was 9 months.

Year of completion:

Financial value:
26.600.000, 00 kn, 25.642.000,00 kn, 22.455.000,00 kn, 28.585.000,00 kn

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