Residential building

Tahograf d.o.o.

Project characteristics:
"The facility consists of two buildings. The first building is situated as a semi detached building alongside the eastern edge of the building plot, while the second building is a semi detached building alongside the western edge of the building plot . Two parking places are organized close to the entrance into the building plot and passing the ramp on the northern part of the plot you can come to the garage in the basement with one parking place. The building is used for residential purposes with one residential unit with the semi detached mode regarding the number of floors: : the basement, the ground floor and the floor. The layout dimensions of the building are 12,85x14,55m, the height to the cornice of the three eaves sloped roof amount to 7.83 m and to the ridge 10,16m. BUILDING 1 - GROSS SURFACE: the basement: 67m2, the ground-the floor: 138,46m2, floor: 91,91m2. BUILDING 2: GROSS SURFACE: the ground floor: 156,74m2 and the floor: 141,87m2."

The foundation is solved by the ab foundation plate below the entire layout. ab slabs are between floors and roof skew ab slabs are placed above the floor. The load -bearing walls are made of block brick in the ground floor and in the floor, ab vertical and horizontal tie beams and the reinforced concrete basement walls 20 cm thick are in the basement. The roof structure over the ab skew slab is made of wood. Partition walls are made of gypsum cardboard plates. The facade is thermally insulated with minwool and thin-layer plaster. All external openings are the aluminium joinery , glazed with insulation glass. Plaster work and paint on the inner walls is fine and the floors are covered with ceramioc tiles and parquet..

Year of completion:

Financial value:
5.593.951,15 kn

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