Reconstruction, extension and construction of the tourist facility.

Villa Dubrovnik d.d., Dubrovnik

Project characteristics:
5-star hotel, reconstruction was carried out in public premises (reception, entry yard, restaurant, beach bar, garden restaurant and beach); carried out demolition works, bricklaying and concrete works including final trade works as well as various installation works (electrical installations, fire detection, ventilation, plumbing and drainage, sprinkler).

Water wall in the entry yard has the dimensions 9.0 x 3.0 m, and comprises a load bearing structure made of steel along with a glass wall along with water is released. The lining of the frame around the glass is made of Wedi panels and finished with stone. The net area of the entire project is 1290 m2. Reconstruction was carried out only in a section of the hotel.

Year of completion:

Financial value:
5.713.426,18 kn

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