Hotel Grand hotel Park – Rovinj

Project description

“Construction of Hotel Park in Rovinj
The subject of the project is the construction of a hotel with 209 accommodation units, public and service areas, wellness, swimming pools and garage, which is partially public, and the improvement of the facility’s environment. The building has 7 floors and a flat roof. The total net surface of the project, including spaces in the facility, swimming pools, terraces, environment and access routes amounts to approximately 61,400 m2. The bearing structure of the entire structure is reinforced-concrete, except for the roof structure of the 5th floor, which is a steel or ceiling slab (roof) of the congress hall, the structure of which is connected by the steel-concrete structure. Pillar 05 and part of pillar 04 of the floors are designed according to the patented system “Geilinger-Stütze®” (steel core, concrete, external steel tube). A part of these columns, on which the floor ceiling slab 4 relies directly (without beams) have a steel capital (“Geilinger-Europilz®”) in the ceiling slab.


Maistra d.d.

Financial value

317,6 mil. HRK / 42,3 mil. EUR