Residential and commercial building POS – Šibenik

Project description

F1 NUA (Net Usable Area): 6.054,09 m2
F2 NUA (Net Usable Area): 3.609,40 m2

First incentive housing project in Šibenik in the last 12 years
The project consists of the construction of two residential buildings designated F1 and F2.
Building F1 consists of two dilatations with 94 apartments, 32 parking garage spaces and 15 individual garages.
Building F2 consists of one dilatation with 54 apartments, 17 parking garage spaces and 10 individual garages.


Agencija za pravni promet i posredovanje nekretninama, Zagreb

Financial value

43,8 mil. HRK / 5,8 mil. EUR