Construction of the railway underpass for cars, a separate underpass for pedestrians and a pumping station in Slavonski Brod.

Project description

“Construction of the railway underpass, 2 traffic lanes, 2 carriageways with footpaths, corridor pass, passes under the 3 railway tracks and pumping station in Slavonski Brod.
The overall length of the project was 650 m; underpass – length 55 m, 2 traffic lanes, passes under 3 railway tracks and 2 carriageways with footpaths; corridor pass – developed length 40 m, passes under the 3 railway tracks; pumping station with dimensions 4 x 5 m including 3 underground levels to a depth of 13 m. The facility was built using a top-down construction technology including the protection of the facility pit using RC diaphragms. The intersection angle of the underpass and railway tracks is a demanding 47°. This was the first time in Croatia railway structures were built using this technology.”


Hrvatske ceste d.o.o.,

Financial value

13,5 mil. HRK / 1,8 mil. EUR