Residential-commercial project Billa Ilica – Zagreb

Project description

Building for buissnes and living purposes with 80 living units and two buissnes spaces. Floor -2 is a garage with 100 parking spaces and on floor -1 another 64. Floor -1 has an enterace area with conveyor strips to the shopping area, sprinkler station, storage, wardrobe and sanitation spaces of the shopping area. On the ground floor is the shopping area and on the 1st floor catering establishments and apartments. On floors 2 – 8 contain apartments and horisontal and vertical communication. Bearing structure is made form reinforced concrete on a panel foundation d=100cm. For the purpose of electrical supply of the facility, a substation was performed at the location.


Projekt Ilica.o.o.

Financial value

43,4 mil. HRK / 5,7 mil. EUR