Split Airport

Project description

The subject of this project is the expansion of the passenger building and parking. The scope of the project is approximately 12.5 ha of existing and future areas of the airport. The reconstruction and upgrading of the passenger terminal at Split Airport will increase the developed gross surface area of the closed passenger terminal by about 35,000 m2. In addition to the reconstruction and upgrading of the passenger terminal, this project also foresees the construction of parking facilities for passenger cars and buses on a total area of 4 ha. The rest of the area on which the parking lot and accompanying facilities will be built will be horticulturally decorated (3 ha). The parking area also includes a car wash and a passenger reception facility with rent-a-car offices that is connected to the main building by a pedestrian bridge (above the state road D409).


Zračna luka Split d.o.o.

Financial value

346,9 mil. HRK / 46,2 mil. EUR